Ving Tsun Kung Fu Training Videos

Introducing Kung Fu On Demand, your streaming source for Ving Tsun Kung Fu training videos. Featuring instruction by Grand Master Moy Tung, his direct students, Sifus, and instructors of the Moy Tung lineage.

Level up your forms, hand drills, and conditioning.

With this subscription, you will have immediate access to powerful lessons. Each instructor will teach you step-by-step on how to improve and learn the techniques of the Ving Tsun system.

To kick off our launch, we’ll be including our acclaimed Ving Tsun Punch series for all membership levels, with more content to be added regularly and available according to your training experience level.

You can look forward to updated releases from our events as well as new exclusive lessons available only on this platform.

To gain access to the platform, talk to your Sifu about enrollment.

FAQ and Support

I've been invited to the platform but my invitation email has expired, how do I gain access to my account?

Navigate to the upper right of this page and select Login, then select Forgot Password and enter the email address that you have on record with your school. Check your email for instructions on how to gain access to your account, be sure to check your spam folder as well.

If you need further assistance, email us [email protected]